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Wantsies: Wall Mounted Vases

Tuesday, June 22, 2010   |   3 comments

I just came across these framed wall vases on Apartment Therapy and had to show them to you.

Aren't they gorgeous? They live in the home of AT:LA (Apartment Therapy Los Angeles) contributor Beth Zeigler and I wants them so bad.

Well. Them, and the frame, and the peony roses.


I'm now going to show you the space in Beth's home that they occupy, but be prepared for some desk (and lamp) envy.

You have no idea how much work I would (probably) get done if I had a desk with star handles like this.

Images: Beth Zeigler, Apartment Therapy

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  • At 9:11 pm, June 22, 2010, Blogger Bneato said…

    haha!! thanks for the kudos:) interestingly enough, no work gets done at this desk (it's in the bedroom and i guess could be used as a vanity if i had a mirror above). thanks again!

  • At 10:53 pm, June 22, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Hi Beth, thanks for visiting & for taking the time to comment :)

    I actually picked up some peonies today because of your pictures!

  • At 10:37 am, June 23, 2010, Anonymous tpe said…

    You have no idea how much work I would (probably) get done if I had a desk with star handles like this....

    I recognise and firmly admire your logic, although I would favour the removal of the bracketed word "probably" in that sentence. You mustn't introduce doubts about these things.

    I employed the same devastating logic whilst cajoling my partner into getting me a mini-fridge for my study at home. "But think of the work I'd get done", I said to her, just the moment she expressed any doubts. Stands to reason, I feel, if you enjoy an elastic relationship with the word "reason".

    The framed wall vases are gorgeous, yes. A beautifully simple idea, elegantly rendered. I almost dread to think how productive I'd be if I had those hanging over my mini-fridge.

    Kind regards etc....



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