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Doggie draught excluders on sale! (Yes, of course you need one.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010   |   2 comments

Always fancied a doggie? Have a mean other half/hectic social life that leaves you unable to really commit to minding a puppy/severe fur allergy? Have a thing for olde stylee draught excluders and prints? Live within striking distance of Kildare Village?

If you answered "why yes, yes I do!" a couple of times there, allow me to share some happy news with you.

The Cath Kidston outlet in Kildare Village have a number of her doggie draught excluders in stock at the minute, reduced from a "Jesus, would you really hand that over for a glorified stuffed sausage dog?" €28 to a more "well, there does be* a bit of a sneaky draft under the front door in the winter" €18. 

When I called in, there were a number of colour and print choices available, from red with white polka dots to a very bright green with cartoonish florals to this more trad-looking but still very cute number: 

Feel free to rush into Cath Kidston in your droves to snap one up since eh I have already taken my pick (red floral) home.

* This is Kildare, after all.



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