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The (Interwebs) Week In Review.

Friday, July 30, 2010   |   0 comments

A bit like Playback or, y'know, The Week In Review on RTÉ Radio 1, my idea is that this will be be a series of on-a-Friday-or-maybe-Saturday posts, bringing you a round-up of random things that caught my eye around the web during the preceding week.

Let's kick things off with these lovelies...

» Wondering what the best-dressed desks are wearing this season? Well, wonder no more and just think tulle! (Above, via ish & chi.)

» Following their recent Rodarte/Juarez gaffe (or stroke of sheer morketing genius, depending on who you talk to), MAC are to donate the profits from the Rodarte collaboration to a newly formed organisation which will support the girls and women of Juarez, Mexico. (via Temptalia.) 

» Why do so many design, decorating, or DIY bloggers spend all day showing pictures of their immaculate, finished homes? Sure, we could say the images are inspirational, but mostly they make me feel like a slob. So cheers to Anna at D16 for her honest progress post!

» I might be a little bit in love with the adorable Keiko Lynn. My ardour is tempered by the fact that I am extremely jealous of her wardrobe, especially these heeled brogues.

» Take a peek at what is possibly the best table ever (Marimekko fans, prepare to swoon) ...

» ... and what is surely the funkiest wedding ever. Did you *see* the bride's shoes?! The individuality there is so fantastic. I love it. (Via Jen at Laughing Lion Design on Twitter.)

» Himself's dad spotted the reference to his fine pelt in my Herald column this week. His nonchalant response? "Well, I nearly made the sports pages." Ha ha!

» If you like Unhappy Hipsters, you'll love Catalog Living, where overstyled photos from catalogue shoots are simultaneously given imaginary lives and slagged off. Here's just a taste

Have a great weekend!



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