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My Preciousss (Raincoat.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010   |   0 comments




The perfect festival raincoat has reappeared, as if by magic, in my life.

I first spotted it on a girl at Oxegen last year while Lily Allen was on stage and I was drowning in my dad's green and navy hardcore rain jacket. (Dad's jacket is the Gandalf of the rainwear world, only shy of roaring "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" at offending raindrops.) 

Anyway, this vision appeared before me - a white (stay with me) mid-thigh length belted rain mac complete with hood and Orla Kiely-esque retro red printed graphic flowers.

It was lust at first sight.

Its wearer was having a great time with her mates, and I was reluctant to wander over into the fray to interrupt things and wonder where she had procured her lovely jacket (they were really, really, seriously into it.) It feels like I took my eye off her for a moment and she disappeared, taking with her my that beautiful rain coat that seemed to me to embody the perfect mix of kitsch and cool and grown-up.

(I use Hello Kitty vinyl wallets. My idea of grown-up may be different to yours.)

I spent a good portion of last summer trawling the interwebs trying to track it down, to no avail. This was massively frustrating - I am not used to items eluding me online, no matter how little detail I have when I begin hunting for them - and I had to borrow Dad's Gandalf gear again for Electric Picnic, since no other printed raincoat could hold a candle to the beauty that had captured my heart at Oxegen.

Today, I happened upon Jane Foster's blog, and these images.


I have fired off an email to Jane to wonder if there's a tag or a label on the coat to indicate its origin, so please cross your fingers that there is.

Oh, and then cross the fingers on the other hand to hope that fleaBay and its ilk can come up with the goods!

UPDATE: The lovely Jane has been in touch to let me know that there are unfortunately no identifying markers on her coat. So I'll throw it open to the floor - does anyone have any idea where it might be from?!

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