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The (Interwebs) Week In Review.

Friday, August 06, 2010   |   1 comments

Helloooo Friday evening! Where have you been all my life?

»  First things first: I'm sorry that there was no Talontastic Thursday post yesterday, but here - have a nail-related link for your troubles. WAH Nails are a London nail salon who post nail art porn (like the ladybirds above) several times a day. Pretty much guaranteed to inspire.

» Off on holliers and worried about your hair getting fried? Well, worry not - I gots you covered in this week's Herald column!

» I bought an Ikea Expedit bookcase for my office nook on Tuesday. It actually looks grand as is - and needless to say my productivity has soared since its installation - but I've bookmarked Pepper Design's round-up of prettified Expedits in the event that I decide to jazz it up in the future.

» Of course, rather than faff about with tacking on painted or patterned custom-cut particleboard (the Expedit is backless so that it can function as a room divider as well as a bookcase), I could always just make like John & Sherry and decorate the wall behind it.

» Last Expedit mention (promise!) - check out this Ikea Hacker guide for instructions on how to fashion a hanging file box that will fit perfectly in its cubbyholes.

» In foodie news, I haz mostly been making Hasselhoff hasselback spuds for dinner this week, mostly following Babaduck's recipe. I did cheat a little one night that I wasn't arsed to start crushing garlic, so I used two mini 20g tubs of Kerrygold Garlic Butter instead. I just turned the contents out into a bowl and zapped them in the microwave to meltify them before brushing them on the spuds. As recommended by The Glutton and Like Mam Used To Bake (thanks ladies!), I kept the fan oven at 200C for them and added some oilve oil as the cooking process went on and the butter disappeared, and they were NOM.

Now, tell me this: what are you up to for the weekend? I am going to try and pare down my wardrobe - hasn't been done in 4 years, oops - and am thinking that an online jumble sale stylee thing might be a fun way to thin out some of the contents. (Although I think you know me well enough at this stage to realise that what will actually happen is that I will just rearrange them and refuse to let go of anything!)



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