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The (Interwebs) Week In Review.

Friday, August 13, 2010   |   0 comments

This week, I am aaall about Fashionable Accessories.

» Despite staking out Topshop online and fleaBay since last year, I have been unable to snag a pair of the Topshop Victoria flats above. Sadface. The Lux Monster has a simple solution, though - just make a pair! (Happywhydidn'tIthinkofthatduhface.)

» Etsy has some awesome jewellery and accessories. I love the acrylic cat's eye spectacles rings from seller Isette...

» ... and CosmicFirefly's silver robot cufflinks.

» Get some SATC2 shoe style on sale over at ASOS. These tan t-bar heels with black toe-caps are very like the two-tone Louboutin Ginos that Carrie wore with her purple tiered Halston Heritage dress (sizes 4 and 7 only); magpies may prefer these pointy-toed gold glitter numbers to channel the Pigalles we saw Carrie in during the first scenes of the film. Remember them?

» If you quite fancy a designer bag but the thoughts of the splurge involved make you feel a bit queasy, why not treat your laptop to some new threads? (Designer wallets are so 2009.) Net-A-Porter have a good range, with the lips design from Marc by Marc Jacobs being the most affordable of the bunch at €60. 

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