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Meal-time musings

Wednesday, August 25, 2010   |   0 comments

One of the reasons you won't see me on the Irish version of CDWM and that I could never be a food blogger is, well, I am really not a great cook. I quite like having a go, but trying to co-ordinate the finishing time of different dishes brings me out in a sweat, and my attempts to make my own pastry always end in disaster (which is bizarre because my hands are always freezing.)

The other reason foodie endeavours like these wouldn't work out is because I rarely enjoy the meals that I prepare. I always expect them to be way more delicious than they usually are, which is very disappointing given the amount of effort (and, on occassion, frustrated tears) that goes into them.

While this meal melancholy is obviously bad news for me and drives Himself to distraction (apparently having someone say "Lookit, don't feel that you have to eat it. I know it's not great" doesn't actually add to the dining experience), it's good news for you! It means that any recipes I post or link to resulted in meals that I liked, so they're probably dead easy, look far more impressive than the level of work required to prepare them would indicate, and are wildly tasty.

Case in point: this seared pollack, pea and watercress purée, and oven-roasted tomatoes recipe from BBC Good Food

I've cooked it twice, with a few minor adjustments. I substituted some frozen cod with parsley sauce from the Birds Eye Simply "Bake to Perfection" range for the pollack, used petit pois because they came in a smaller bag than the other frozen peas on offer, and added a knob of butter to the purée. It was still gorgeous. Both times. Even Himself, who is not big into green things and has a special dislike of frozen peas, pronounced it tasty.

Both times.


Image via BBC Good Food



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