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Badge me, baby.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010   |   0 comments

If, like me, you went through a phase of collecting badges and pins and the like at some stage of your life, you'll probably have quite a few of them rattling around in the bottom of a drawer. While they go pretty well with stolen liberated traffic cones, integrating them into home decor once you're past college-going age can be a tricky proposition.

Well, dig those badges out and prepare to display them with pride! Here are just two options for showing them off that aren't the least bit student-y.

When Viv of ish & chi posted her "how to" for this padded badge display frame, I mentally filed it away for future use. Just stick the pins of your badges into the cushion-y back and away you go. Flipping genius.

Alternatively, you could skip the DIYing and instead just buy a premade magnetic display frame into which you slot your badges. Button Collective are an Etsy store with a range of sleek offerings to choose from, all of which I'd be more than happy to hang on my not-a-road-sign-in-sight walls. 

Now, where did I leave that Safe Cross Code badge..?



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