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Talon-tasti- er, Electric Picnic Thursday.

Thursday, September 02, 2010   |   0 comments

As last minute as ever, we only bought our Electric Picnic tickets this evening. I'd been hoping against hope that I might win a pair and so have spent the last couple of weeks entering every competition I could find, but Lady Luck declined to smile on me.

I actually think I heard her snigger up her sleeve at one stage.

Anyway, since the paid-for tickets have now been procured there's a last minute panic on to try and find things to wear to said Electric Picnic. I think I've convinced Himself that last year's wellies will be fine, so it's just me to sort out at this stage. 

In theory, I'd like to get a chic retro vibe going on, for a sort of Vintage at Goodwood look. 

In practise, the only festival appropriate footwear I possess is a pair of pink wellies, and pairing them with anything remotely floral or girly just makes me look like I'm on the way in from the milking parlour to make a start on the dinner.

Looks like another year of leggings and denim minis, so.

In other news: I can't decide what to do with the nails. (Oh yes. I am all about first world problems this evening.) I thought I had it sorted with these babies, which Twitter peeps will know I test-drove last weekend:

... but now I'm wondering about a murky teal creme (the Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion that I mentioned last week) paired with asymmetrical glittery tips.

Maybe I'll sleep on it. It is a very big decision, like.

Images via Marie Claire, French Kiss Vintage, The Guardian, House of Fraser, TNT Magazine & Vogue.

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