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Totes amaze: Sky gardens

Wednesday, September 29, 2010   |   0 comments

I strongly feel that if you actually need the monthly Financial Times magazine to tell you How To Spend It, your money is completely wasted on you and you should be forced to hand it all over to someone with a little more imagination. 

Sometimes, though, when I'm not busy rolling my eyes at the extreme excesses between its pages, I'll espy an article so jaw-droppingly awesome, I'll get completely distracted from thinking that it's rather vulgar to have a publication dedicated so exclusively and unabashedly to high-end buy-it-all consumerism. 

Take these photos by way of example. They accompanied a recent feature entitled Taking The High Ground about the seriously lush gardens and outdoor spaces created on the rooftops of some London city homes. Forget mismatched planters and windowboxes: I'm talking about grass and hedging and even mature trees.

Now that is city living I could totally get down with.

All pix via How To Spend It



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