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Inspiration for bathroom beautification.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010   |   0 comments

Our main bathroom is in need of some overhaulin'. We haven't decorated it since we moved in 4-and-a-bit years ago, mostly because it's actually a bijou compact cosy really effing small room, and I've never been totally sure what to do with it since there's not much wallspace to make an impact on. 

One wall is almost entirely window, and underneath that is one end of the bath, a storage unit, and the loo. The opposite wall houses the other end of the bath (funnily enough!) and the door, and then the wall on the right is filled with my massive wall-hung mirrored Godmorgon cabinets from IKEA, and the sink and radiator live under those.

Anyway. Let's stop worrying about the limiting practicalities and look at some pretty pictures instead!

photo credit: Rachel Whiting

source: Urban Outfitters source: Anthropologie

 source: decorpad

source: CasaSugar

Huntley & Co glamorous contemporary bathroom via Houzz
source: Houzz

Varying sized tiles in uniform taupe via Living Etc
source: Living Etc

 source: Lonny Mag

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