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Ooooooh / How do you like my ruuug?

Thursday, November 25, 2010   |   2 comments

If the title of this blog post didn't run to the tune of More More More in your head, Rachel Stevens and I are very disappointed in you.

Now, to business. This is the rug in question:

The super observant among you may be thinking that this looks rather more like 15 sheets of 8'x4' plyboard than a rug. You'd be right: it does. It is. 

Which might lead you to wonder why there is there enough plyboard in my sitting room to carpet every house on my road.

Well, we are going to floor the attic with the stuff, but someone (*cough* Himself *cough*) accidentally ordered the wrong size sheets (they should have been 8'x2'), and the bloke in the hardware place miscalculated how much of it we need (the attic is teeny). So that's why there's so much of it.

Why is it in my sitting room? Ah. The hardware place was closed by the time Himself realised what had happened, and the chap who craned the plyboard into the back garden off the back of a lorry told me it couldn't be left outside for more than an hour or two. So in we carted the sheets one by one for fear they'd warp if left out overnight.

I really hope they agree to change them. There's only so much rustic chic a girl can cope with, y'know?

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