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Rap Safety Authority get down with the youngsters.

Monday, November 22, 2010   |   0 comments

via the RSA website

I see that the Road Safety Authority are getting hip to the kids, yo, with their current Safe Cross Code campaign. It features six creepy looking animated childer who put me in mind of zombie children, rapping the SCC. 

Cher Lloyd, eat your heart out.

There's a dance (how modern!), and a forcefield that blocks the road unless you invoke the code (ooh, futuristic), but all I can think when I see the ads is that I miss Judge from Wanderly Wagon. And the amazingly catchy song. If you're of a certain vintage, I bet you remember every single word of it - is that rap really going to stick in kid's heads in the same way? 

I seriously doubt it.

The original & best, via dinadangdong on YouTube

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