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X Factor Fashion Fever, Part I

Monday, November 15, 2010   |   1 comments

We are feckin' glued to the X Factor every weekend in this house, and one of my favourite bits of the show is when the judges first emerge onstage every night so I get a chance to have a good full-length goo at what Cheryl and Dannii are wearing. 

And shout "what the feck is that?!" at the telly when Cheryl does her little semi-salute thing as her name's announced.

Dannii has been streets ahead in the style stakes this year as far as I'm concerned, and I rather liked the look of the statement turquoise earrings she wore on Saturday night. She's been sporting Annoushka jewellery religiously throughout the series, and last weekend was no exception.

I suspect that these laddies might be just a leetle out of my price range, but stay tuned -
I'll have some suggestions later in the day about how you and I can get the look on a shoestring budget.

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  • At 10:26 am, November 15, 2010, Anonymous Emer said…

    wow how cool lynnie, cos i was scouting around on the internet last night to find out whose jewellery it was but had no joy. Can't wait to see your suggestions, loved those earrings.


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