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Interior inspiration: Stand-alone shoe cabinets.

Saturday, January 08, 2011   |   4 comments

Yes, yes, I should be packing. Thanks, ma. Instead, I'm thinking that THIS is definitely how shoes should be stored.

{image source: This is Glamorous via Apartment 132}

{image source: Shoe Daydreams via Apartment Therapy}

{image source: LivingEtc}

I'm *very* hopeful that I'll be able to work some similarly grand shoe storage solutions into our new apartment flat in London. I have these mad notions about how I'll just happen across gorgeous antique or vintage or just generally amazeballs pieces of furniture, possibly for free or else completely dirt cheap, in the big English smoke.

Like a set of gently used Eames Eiffel chairs for a fiver in a charity shop or a beautiful ornate bed frame in a skip begging me to take it home. You know the sort of thing.

I'm quietly confident that a glass-fronted display cabinet, ideal for shoe display purposes, will fortuitously come into my life in the same way once we get over there. 

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  • At 2:04 pm, January 08, 2011, Blogger English Mum said…

    Utterly gorgeous. Sadly I don't think my one pair of pink converse, pair of green wellies and solitary pair of biker boots would look as good.

    Oh to have that many shoes!

  • At 2:34 pm, January 08, 2011, Blogger Lynnie said…

    I know, I have serious shoe envy. Especially after that second pic, some of those Manolos (who knew real people had them!) look like they've never even been worn.

    Still. I think my assorted Penneys flats deserve somewhere lovely to live ;)

  • At 11:01 am, January 19, 2011, Anonymous Sandy Beach said…

    Lynnie you shouldn't have shown me this - the seed is now firmly planted. My shoes are currently under the beds, in the wardrobes, on top of one wardrobe, and the ones just removed are on the landing, in the hall, in the bathroom. I'm off to scour the furniture stores.

  • At 12:08 am, January 21, 2011, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Sorry Sandy, I'm a bad influence. But in a good way, I like to think ;) You'll have to let me know if you find something suitable!


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