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Pelmet Me Entertain You.

Friday, January 21, 2011   |   2 comments

Our rented flah here in London has Venetian blinds on all the windows, which I do not love. The day we moved in, I treated myself to a three-pack of interiors magazines (£6 for the lot in Tesco!) and one of the spreads had a photo of a simple rectangular box pelmet covered in purple fabric which was hung as an accompaniment to a Venetian blind.

I instantly thought it'd be a great way to jazz up the blinds here, but the fact that rawlplugs (and therefore big eff off holes in the rented wall) would be required to hang such window dressings meant that it looked like a no go.

A little bit of obsessive Googling, though, turned up an ingenious solution that I fully intend to utilise myself. Jenny at Little Green Notebook used foam board instead of MDF for the DIY box pelmets she made for her daughters' bedroom. You'll find it in art supply shops (my local has sheets of it of varying thickness) and it's so light that tape alone can hold the pieces together. No glue or screws required.

Being super light means pelmets made from foam board would be brilliant for renters since a couple of small nails - or even Velcro tabs or Command strips - should be all it'll take to hang the suckers up.

I feel a project coming on...

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