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Ikea do Cath Kidston on the cheap

Monday, February 21, 2011   |   0 comments

This (above) is Cath Kidston's Classic Rose bed linen. It's very pretty, and would be an ideal bedding choice for lovers of country or floral or shabby chic style.

It's also expensive: think 70ish Eurobux for a Cath Kidston duvet cover, plus €12-15 per pillowcase. Ouchie, sez your wallet.

But before you sadly resign yourself to never having a bed that looks like a rosebush threw up all over it, allow me to show you this (below).

It's an affordable damn-near doppelgänger from Ikea (legend has it that the Rosali fabric was actually designed for everyone's favourite Swedish furniture overlords by Kidston herself.) Although it's not listed on the Ikea Ireland or UK sites, there were plenty of duvet sets in blue or white colourways in Ikea Wembley when I picked myself up a duvet cover and four pillowcases for £20.42.

Something to keep an eye out for on your next meatballs run!

Images via This Charming Wedding and Kaboodle respectively



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