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Something for the weekend: a little light reading.

Saturday, February 05, 2011   |   0 comments

I thought it was fixed, but my poor laptop is getting sicker by the minute. In addition to randomly turning itself off and then refusing to switch back on, its screen is now on the way out.


At least Himself's iPad, which has become my back-up device, is good for reading online magazines. That's good because it is absolutely no use for working on, so I shall be flicking through these mostly interiors numbers on the iPad while keening over the smouldering remains of my clapped out laptop over the weekend. 

There are lots of ridiculously involved American crafty-type projects in all of these, so best not peruse them if you're feeling a bit inadequate about your skillz or commitment to your to do list.

And no, the last choice there does not mean I have "news".

It just means that I like to be passremarkable about the weddings of strangers and admire nice tablesettings.



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