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Talon-tastic Thursday catches Royal Wedding feevah.

Thursday, April 21, 2011   |   1 comments

If the manicure from their engagement photos is anything to go by, it'll be nearly-nude nails all the way for Kate Middleton next Friday.

Elegant, understated, and finger-lengthening, they'll be perfectly appropriate for the occasion and allow the rings to take centre stage.

This obviously means that I will have to have enough going on with my talons for the both of us.

No worries, Kate. I think I've got it covered.

The plan at the moment is to wear Butter London No More Waity, Katie with a big ol' cartoon diamond on the ring finger while judging the dress/hair/overall day in the manner of Four Weddings and - hopefully - having buns. (We will be missing the local street party on our adopted London street and I am now obsessed with THE NEED TO HAVE BUNS to make up for it.)

Oh, and there will definitely be extra marks to be had if they pull something like this out of the hat:

Awe. Some.

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