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Just another Manicure Monday: Chanel Mimosa

Monday, June 20, 2011   |   1 comments

A famous quote that's usually attributed to Coco Chanel says that a woman should remove the last accessory she put on before she leaves the house. Since I'm more likely to look in the mirror and decide that I need another few baubles than follow that bit of advice, it's probably no great surprise that I felt like embellishing the sunshine-y goodness of Chanel's SS11 must-have, Mimosa. 

Mimosa (€21) is a polish that's already got quite a lot going on - it's bright yellow, and shot through with microshimmer, and did I mention that it's yellow? - and it looks very special indeed in the bottle. It's a surprisingly good colour on my nails and not unflattering to my skintone. However, it does make my unkempt cuticles look quite red and horrific, as Himself was kind enough to point out to me yesterday afternoon. 

Eventually I reached for my bottle of OPI Bring On The Bling, thinking that a multi-coloured glitter accent nail would break up the full-on, cuticle-reddening expanses of Mimosa nicely. I had this cheery photo in mind when I broke out the sparkles:

{source: Rue Magazine via pinterest}

It makes me wonder why I don't already have yellow tights and sequinned peep toes in my wardrobe every time I see it. 

Then, because loading bling onto a yellow manicure wasn't quite OTT enough, I found a white nail art pen and went all Jonathan Adler on the remaining nails. 

Madame would be horrified.

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