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Who wears short shorts?

Sunday, July 24, 2011   |   0 comments

I had a consultation for laser eye surgery on Thursday morning, and then on the way home I took a little detour and treated myself to a wander around Westfield. It's a brilliant shopping centre at Shephard's Bush in West London; it's also the biggest shopping centre I've ever seen.

To give you some idea of the enormity of the place, it has 96 escalators (according to their website; I didn't go around counting them. Honest.)

While I was there, I spotted these shorts in New Look:

They were reduced to a tenner but I left without them because I wasn't arsed to join the half-a-mile long queue for the only open changing rooms in the place, and now I'm in the throes of some major non-buyer's remorse.

In truth, I'm probably not sufficiently leg confident to actually wear them - and there's the small matter of my feeling cold if the temperature dips below 28°C - but in my head I would look freaking awesome Rocking them (yes, with a capital R) with sunnies and flats and my black blazer.

Just like this, in fact:

{photo credit & source: See Jane}



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