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The last five things I bought... And then brought back.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011   |   4 comments

{Coat, jumper & tights from Topshop; shoes from Next}

Okay, I didn't bring all of them back. 


There's a running joke in our house that I manage to do all of my clothes shopping with the same tenner but never have anything to wear. You see, I'm a terror for buying things and only realising that they're hideous/badly made/don't suit me when I get them home and see them In Real Life. If something fails the IRL test, then it goes straight back to the shop for an exchange or refund; I don't have the space or the funds to keep things that I'm not going to wear. 

Still, I think the jumper and leopard print flats are probably safe from my merciless bring back-ing: stripes and leopard print and bling are my outfit staples and these replace similar worn-out items in my wardrobe.

The teal heels have already been returned and I'm wondering if the (unopened) tights can be brought back, too: the colour's great but I meant to pick up 80 denier. D'oh.

The coat is decidedly more Dalmation than leopard print, which is actually quite nice, but it's double-breasted, which I don't think suits me. That, coupled with the faux fur, makes for a bulky silhouette and I immediately think of the Michelin Man when I try it on (albeit a very chic, metrosexual Michelin Man. The Michelin Man by Marc Jacobs, maybe.)

In addition, the buttons are crappy, thin, cheap looking, plastic affairs and would need replacing, which is pretty outrageous given the price of the coat.

I think I'll keep the receipt safe for the next month. Just incase.

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  • At 5:00 pm, August 31, 2011, Blogger InspirationBeauty said…

    My friend tried to return tights she bought from topshop and they wouldn't take them. They were still sealed, and she had bought them off the same person literally twenty minutes before she returned! So annoying

  • At 6:33 pm, August 31, 2011, Blogger Lynnie said…

    InspirationBeauty - that seems wildly unreasonable, doesn't it? Feckers. And their website seems to indicate that they should accept returns for tights as long as the packet's still sealed:

    "For hygiene reasons, we cannot offer refunds on pierced jewellery, underwear or swimwear if the hygiene seal has been removed[...]"

  • At 7:15 pm, August 31, 2011, Blogger InspirationBeauty said…

    I would definitely give it a go anyway Lynnie. This was a year or two ago so maybe they've reviewed their policies!

  • At 8:17 pm, September 07, 2011, Blogger Lynnie said…

    InspirationBeauty - I took your advice and chanced it and they took them back. Yay!


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