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Talon-tastic Tuesday: Scream for ice cream

Tuesday, August 02, 2011   |   0 comments

This is one of my favourite manicures yet, and it's perfect for the currently fab weather in London. Yesterday I wore shorts and a t-shirt all day, and didn't need to put on so much as a light cardigan when I brought the dog for a walk at 8 o'clock last night. According to the forecast, temperatures are set to hit 28°C today and 29°C tomorrow, with nighttime lows not dropping below the high teens.

Sticky. I am very glad not to have to (a) commute to work or (b) wear a suit/uniform this week.

Thanks to the ice cream accent nail, this mani was also bang on for the Foodies Festival at Battersea Park which we went to Sunday. Artisan ice cream from Yee Kwan (well, I couldn't very well not have some with that nail) and Pimms and champagne ensured that it was a rather nice outing indeed.

At least they did until I tripped on a cable ramp thingy which tore a lump out of the nail on my big toe. My poor feet now look fuglier than ever; I should probably sue for physical trauma and emotional distress (and the price of a packet of stick-on toenails.)

If you fancy trying your hand at the cloud print nails - they're easy, honest! - I've written a "how to" on that very subject over on today. No specialist tools required.

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