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Winter coat lust (or: Part two in an occasional series of obsessing about warm, stylish clothes.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011   |   0 comments

I am determined to get me a new winter coat this year. And I'm sorry for breaking out the "w" word, but it could be worse. 

I could be one of those annoyances who have already started inflicting their countdown to the "C" word on the public. 

The thing you need to understand about winter coats is that the nice ones tend to disappear from the shops days after the first AW stock drop in August. If you see one you like over the next couple of weeks and it's available in your size, grab it with both hands, run to the tills, and don't let it out of your grasp until you get there. 

Thinking that August is too early for winter coat shopping is one of the reasons I haven't bought one since 2007, and that cream River Island number is well and truly worn out at this stage. I'm trying to decide whether to attempt a dye job or chuck it in the washing machine; until now I've always had it dry cleaned because the lining of the last "machine washable" coat I had from River Island shrunk so badly on washing that it was rendered unwearable. 

My other piece of winter-appropriate outerwear is a military style Mango number which I dearly love and get compliments on every time I wear it, but it's a bit ancient and not especially warm.

I really think that what I'm missing is a lovely warm faux fur coat like Kate Moss' beloved vintage leopard print.

{Wenn via Glamour}

{via Glamour}

Oh who am I trying to kid: what I'm actually missing is Kate Moss' beloved vintage leopard print and no other coat bar its identical twin will do.

Can someone please let Kate know that I'd be very happy to give The World's Most Perfect Coat a loving home should she ever tire of it? Ta.



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