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Talon-Tastic Thursday: Barry M bling

Thursday, September 15, 2011   |   2 comments

Like all Barry M polishes, Red Glitter does exactly what it says on the tin: it's densely packed with small flecks of bright, primary red rectangular glitter. Which means it's not just phonebox or postbox or even Batphone red: this, people, is Dorothy's ruby slippers red. Red in any shade is not a very "me" colour and I don't think that this one suits me at all, which is unfortunate because I really like it.

Flipping typical.

Here, I'm wearing 3 thinly applied coats for maximum opacity and a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat, which I think it definitely needs. Left to its own devices, Red Glitter dries to a quite matte finish and with that grainy grittiness that's characteristic of so many glitter polishes.

The finish with a thick topcoat is actually considerably brighter and more foiled-looking than I've been able to capture in this picture because my camera apparently hates glitter. The way it looks on my middle finger is probably the closest to how it appears in real life.

Sadly, even when topped and tailed with base and top coat, wear time isn't great: I only got 2½ days out of it before it flaked off in spectacularly massive lumps during a shower (as evidenced by my index finger, just seen in the pic above.) Wearing Red Glitter as a topcoat over a bright red creme or using 2 rather than 3 coats might do away with that issue, though.

Removal is, I'm quite sure, going to be a complete pain in the swiss. I'll be following my guide to glitter polish removal when the time comes. And if that feels too much like hard work, I might just let it come off "naturally" in the course of my next few showers and hope it doesn't all end up in my hair.

PSST - Today's a bit of a Talon-Tastic Thursday double whammy, because I'm writing on about how to DIY gorgeous galaxy nails. You can check out the tutorial here!

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