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NOTD: The Crackle Conundrum

Friday, January 20, 2012   |   3 comments

While I was excited about the prospect of a crackle comeback in 2010 and own no fewer than four crackle topcoats, I have to admit that it's an effect I rarely wear on my nails.

When I do, I tend to pair the crackle polish with a glitter base or wear it as an accent nail to (hopefully) keep things from looking too grungy. Today is the realisation of a manicure that I thought of doing over a year ago but never quite got around to making a reality.

I bought Barry M Instant Nail Effects in White (£4/€5.95) with the express intention of layering it over a seriously glitzy gold glitter polish just like OPI Spark De Triomphe.

For today's manicure, I used one coat of Spark De Triomphe, gave it a few minutes to dry, and them popped on my white crackle topcoat.

As crackle colour combos go, I quite like this one and still prefer a glitter to a creme base, but ultimately I think crackle's just not for me.

I'm already itching to take it off!

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