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Pricey but pretty: Premium glitter clutches

Wednesday, February 08, 2012   |   4 comments

My apparently insatiable inner magpie would dearly love to get its little claws on Anya Hindmarch's multi-glitter Valerie bag, but I'm afraid that Valerie is just way too rich for my blood. 

Kate Spade's new "I Kissed A Frog" clutch is also rather beyond my evening bag budget (or at least it would be, if I actually had an evening bag budget) but that hasn't stopped me from falling for it. 

What can I tell you; the magpie has great (albeit expensive) taste. 

If I was the sort of person who used the word "adorbs", I would definitely be breaking it out to describe this bag. Glitter clutch + tiny frog clasp with crown = be still my kitsch-loving magpie heart.

Note: Kate Spade price based on conversion from $328. UK store price not available at the time of writing.

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