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Talon-tastic Thursday: Inspired by David Duchovny

Thursday, February 02, 2012   |   1 comments

When I was about 14 or 15, my best friend and I were thoroughly obsessed with The X Files in general and with Mulder in particular.

{via io9

We would regularly detour to the local video shop on our way home from school to swoon over the tiny photos of David Duchovny looking devastatingly ridey on the back of the Kalifornia VHS case, which had an 18s cert and which I'm pretty sure we tried - unsuccessfully - to rent on more than one occasion.

One of my most treasured possessions at the time was a colour photocopy of an enormous photo of Duchovny lying across a pale blue or green leather couch, from what I think was a Sunday Times magazine belonging to another friend. It was a different picture, though, which eventually led me to today's paint job.

I never actually had a copy of the inspiration photo, but what sticks in my head about it was that Duchovny was wearing pink and red together - a pink t-shirt and red boxing gloves, maybe? - and I vividly remember thinking that he made that clashing colour combo look goooood.

With that picture in mind, I used OPI Elephantastic Pink and Barry M Red Glitter to create this manicure, and I have to tell you that I kinda love it!

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