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H&M jewellery love

Friday, April 13, 2012   |   2 comments

On a bring-back jaunt to H&M recently, I got completely distracted by the jewellery section on my way out of the shop. Including my engagement ring I'd say that I own three or four pieces of "real" jewellery - I have a real weakness for costume, statement, and kitschy bling - so this fantastically fakey necklace had my name written all over it.

Orange isn't a colour I usually gravitate towards but I really like this combination of sunny orange rhinestones and rainbow-reflective teardrops, and I've been getting tons of wear out of it.

Not bad for £5.99!

My favourite earrings also hail from H
&M and were part of a multipack of metallic animal-shaped ear adornments that cost something like £3.99 last summer. They're tiny gold bunny studs and they are beyond adorable, but unfortunately I've lost one of them.

I'm not looking forward to cracking open the hoover this weekend to look for the missing earring, but this little guy looks so sad without his pal that I'll just have to do it.


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