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In which I was basically at the BAFTAs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012   |   0 comments

The riverside rooftop garden where we spent yesterday afternoon happened to overlook the TV BAFTAs red carpet as well as the Thames, so I got to do a bit of celeb spotting as we were heading home. I recognised Jeremy Piven (Ari in Entourage), Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan, Alexander Armstrong, Lord Grantham/Hugh Bonneville, Emilia Fox, Melissa George, Ruth Jones, Miranda Hart, Tamzin Outhwaite, and Davinia McCall (and even from afar, I was not a fan of her zebra stripe dress/neon stilettos combo.)

I took a handful of quick pap snaps from my remote vantage point:

{Holly Willoughby & Fearne Cotton}

{Amy Childs & entourage}

{Rob Brydon}

I also saw but didn't recognise Robert Sheehan and, um, may have christened him "BAFTA hipster" for this natty choice of outfit.

Our last spot was Dominic West, and impressively enough it was Himself who copped his identity ("It's your man from The Wire") first. And yes, I took a photo. (It is truly terrible; you have been warned.)

{Dominic West's back}

Of all the peeps we saw, only Amy Childs and Dominic West effectively ignored the fans who were positioned around the corner from (and therefore out of sight of) the press pit. Childs at least acknowledged them with one small halfhearted wave as she gave them a wide berth headed straight for the waiting press photographers; Dominic West quite literally trotted past them as he broke into a half run for the red carpet. Bad form! 

{Robert Sheehan image source:}



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