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My day in Instagram.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012   |   2 comments

{Boris & friend; today's weather}

{flowers at Spitalfields}

{a dedicated umbrella & stick store in Holborn; St. Paul's}

{wall of OPI love in the new John Lewis beauty hall; sausage dogs as Ted Baker wallet clasps}

You know how some people have amazing and occasionally inspiring Instagram feeds? Yeah... As you can see, I'm really not one of them!

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  • At 1:02 am, May 10, 2012, Blogger Rose Eva said…

    I recently started using instagram and I'm addicted! Via prinstagram they make these things called tinybooks so I had a flashback of doing old photos on my phone so I could make some for my anniversary party for when I'm in England in June. It's an awesome app!

    That second photo is really beautiful- but does it really rain all the itme? geez!

    ♥ Rose Eva

  • At 12:32 pm, May 11, 2012, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Rose Eva - not *all* the time, but it's felt like it for the last couple of weeks as we've just had the wettest April on record! You see a lot of people rocking wellies (both full-on Hunters and ankle-length Melissa x Vivienne Westwood booties) around London on a wet day; not sure what the story might be in Manchester. Based on the glamorous style that ladies Up North favour for nights out, I suspect they might not really be into wearing wellington boots around town in the daytime ;)

    Are you all set for the move?

    I must look into the Printstagram/tinybook thing, thanks for the tip x


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