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BREAKING NEWS: I can haz nail shop?

Monday, June 25, 2012   |   8 comments

I got some disheartening work news last week which bummed me right out, so I did something that I knew would cheer me up: I painted my nails. Then I started on a set of maritime-themed false nails that my sister asked me to paint for a hen night she has coming up. And when I still wasn't feeling chirpy after doing those, I dug out a few more sets of artificial nails and painted them up with some of my favourite designs.

My idea was that I would frame them and hang them on the gallery wall I'm attempting to create in the living room, but since there's actually only one picture on the "gallery" wall so far and I was still feeling kind of rubbish about my job situation, I decided to go down a different route.

I took some photos of them, uploaded them to Etsy, and opened a little shop there this morning!

I won't be spamming you by going on and on about it but it's a bit exciting and I thought you guys should be the first to know. And if you do decide to get anything, I've set up a worldwide free shipping code - SHIPMEFREE - as a thank you for being amazing x

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