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It's all black and white on the night for Katy Perry.

Saturday, June 09, 2012   |   3 comments

Katy Perry really won me over with her appearance on The Graham Norton Show which aired last night. Sure, she played the game and engaged in plenty of touchy-feely with Chery Cole - a little faux girl-on-girl action is always a good bet for a few extra column inches - but on the whole I thought she was frank and funny.

When Cheryl's skintight houndstooth leopard print peplum get up wasn't searing my retinas, I had a good gawk at Katy Perry's fingertips. She can always be relied on for a bit of nail art, can Katy, and last night's show was no exception.

Tipping the nod to the '90s - I warned you they were back - Katy opted for a full set of yin yang nails to go with her adorably demure vintage-looking black and cream dress and black ballet flats.

What do you reckon to Katy's well-balanced manicure? Love it or leave it?

{image sources: 1. Girls Aloud Media; 2. Haute Couturise; 3. Makaveli-Soldier}

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