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Small garden solutions: Milk carton to watering can in under five minutes

Saturday, June 16, 2012   |   1 comments

Since we only have one planter, a small flower bed, and three hanging baskets to keep watered, I didn't really want to have to get a watering can. (Read: I forgot to buy a watering can when we got the hanging baskets and am not arsed to traipse to Homebase for one. Also, I really don't want to have to lug a watering can home on the bus.)

Last night I wondered if I could repurpose an empty milk carton as a makeshift watering can, and since my planter was looking a bit dry this morning I decided to test my theory.

I punched some holes in the lid of the carton using a safety pin, filled it up with collected rainwater, put the lid back on, and took it for a spin.

BOOM: one DIYed upcycled milk carton watering can.

Have a great weekend!

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