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Tutorial Tuesday: All my DIY guides in one place

Tuesday, July 03, 2012   |   0 comments

Most of you will probably already know that I write for, the Irish Beauty Blog; for anyone who doesn't, I've been scribbling away there for the last five years (!) and in that time I've put together a heap of nail art tutorials.

The methods I detail in those DIY guides are what I use to create a lot of the looks I post here, and since I get a lot of enquiries about my techniques I thought it would make sense to collate the links to all my tutorials in one place. So if you're wondering how to do polka dots if you don't have a dotting tool or create leopard print without using a nail art pen, well, here you go!

Please note that most of the images and captions below link to and will open an external website.

How To: Chanel's AW12 Manicure Keeping cuticles in check

How To: Polka Hearts Kate Spade AW12 Polka Splodges

The Gradient Fade Mani The Galaxy Mani

The Half-Moon ManiThe Dalmatian Print Mani

Art Attack NailsThe Hunger Games Manis

Leopard Print NailsDouble Rainbow Tips

The Tuxedo ManiCloud Print Nails

Simple Tribal NailsThe Lace Mani

Polka Dot NailsEasy Floral Nail Art

A New Way With Matte NailsThe Military Mani

Halloween NailspirationHow To Work With Loose Glitter

Valentine's Day Heart Print NailsDry Water Marbling

DIY AW11's Fashion Week FavesChristmas Pudding Nails

Zooey Deschanel's Tuxedo Nails Adele's Louboutin Grammy Mani

Jessie J's X Factor Studs 'n' BlingLady GaGa's Festive Falsies

Katy Perry Inspired Statement Nail

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