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Wedding Wednesday: And now for something completely different

Wednesday, October 10, 2012   |   5 comments

It's time for the final instalment in my mini-series on colourful wedding nails, and today we're looking at nail art and embellishment. I recognise that this will be a lick of polish too far for most brides and as a result it's hard to turn up very many (nice, non-tacky) examples of bridal nail art in action at real weddings.

Still, if the recent enquiry I had from a bride-to-me looking for some awesome handpainted nail art for her big day is anything to go by, there are those who do want something genuinely different when it comes to wedding nails.

I reckon that one of these manis might just fit the bill.

{this design is now available for purchase here}

And yes, that last one is of a real bride with a "pow!" headpiece and matching accent nail in her coral gradient mani. Respect.

{images via: 1. Me!; 2. My Pinterest board - original source unknown; 3. Me; 4. CND; 5. Landmark Report; 6. The Illustrated Nail; 7. Offbeat Bride}

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