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NOTD: Long and buck naked

Tuesday, November 13, 2012   |   2 comments

I'm working on some custom orders for nail sets for my Etsy shop :) as well as a nail art tutorial for today, so I've whipped off my own nail polish (with that amaze-o Bourjois remover) and thought I'd show you this rare photo of my nails in the nip.

(Fingers crossed that this is the most naked I'll ever be on the Internet.)

My natural nails are very long right now - longer than I like them, really - but they're not in wonderful order, mostly because I've been ignoring all the great advice I dole out to other people about wearing gloves when its cold and using plenty of oil and not treating your nails like they're attachments on a Swiss Army knife.

You can see the crack on the right of the nail on my index finger, and the beginnings of a peeling flake on the middle nail.

Shameful stuff. I'm reaching for the CND Solar Oil as I type!

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