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In which NOTW eyeballs Ke$ha's latest mani

Friday, May 03, 2013   |   3 comments

It's been on hiatus for a while, probably sipping mojitos by a pool somewhere, but Nails Of The Week is back with a bang today.

Eyeball nails aren't anything new; everyone from Alexa Chung to, eh, me has been seen wearing them - see my cartoon eyes here, and the ones I wore to have my actual eyeballs sliced open and remoulded by a laser here. Still, the 3D lashes fanning out from the sidewalls of Ke$ha's accent nails in this selfie are a pretty deadly detail that I haven't seen before.

I probably wouldn't wear them quite like this - unless, of course, I needed to clean the crevices around the keys of my laptop - but they make me think that my next eyeball mani definitely needs to involve exaggerated painted-on lashes.

What do you reckon to them?

Pic via Ke$ha's Instagram 

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