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Nail news: Orly SS13 (pic heavy!)

Thursday, May 02, 2013   |   0 comments

On Tuesday evening I popped into town for a looksee at what's incoming from 5-free brand Orly for SS13.

I've been a fan for years; you'll probably know from my little "Products used" notes after each nail art post that I get a lot of use from my Orly Bonder base coat and detailing tools. Aside from loving the unusual shades that they frequently release, I find the rubberised caps super grippy and comfortable to use.

Boris is also a fan of Orly polishes, but that's mostly because he thinks they're mini chew toys.

As of about 18 months ago, the brand's offerings have been widely available through Boots in try-me minis as well as full-sized bottles, so lets have a gander at what they've got in store for the summer!

High On Hope // Elation Generation // Melodious Utopia

Coachella Dweller // Boho Bonnet // Peaceful Opposition

Hope & Freedom Fest is the spring release, and it's on-counter now. This collection of mostly cremes is a perfect example of Orly throwing curveball colours into the mix - how gorgeous (and not exactly typically spring-y) is that indigo duochrome?

ERMAHGERD. Are we all seeing that green shimmer holo?! It's Sparkling Garbage from the punk-inspired Mash Up collection, which launched yesterday with primarily neon colours celebrating a pretty-ugly aesthetic. 

For those who want a longer lasting mani, Orly Gel FX is an in-salon 2-week gel manicure system providing chip-free, high-shine paint jobs in a choice of 50+ Orly colours (including some vay nice metallics.) The polish cures under LED light and I'm told treatments take under 30 minutes - pretty much ideal for anyone who leaves their pre-holiday mani pedi until the day before and needs to shoehorn a nail appointment in between a last-minute swimwear dash and an emergency bikini wax.

Not that that's what happens me every time I go away or anything.


Shade Shifter is a fun new addition to the brand's Gel FX line-up. It's a colour changing gel polish that's heat activated and is applied over your chosen gel colour: when hands are warm, Shade Shifter is clear, allowing the colour beneath to show through, but as hands cool Shade Shifter darkens, transforming the look of the nails. 

Not for everyone, this, but I can see it working really nicely to achieve subtle nail art or semi-hidden gradient effects.

Aaannd we're back to finish with some regular, non-gel polish - I've left this collection until last because it isn't launching until August, but I just couldn't wait until then to show it to you. Orly do glitter, shimmer, and texture particularly well and we'll see more of it with the release of Mega Pixel FX in two months time. Black Pixel doesn't photograph especially well but it is fab in person, and I'm so glad to see someone finally make a true black glitter polish.

See anything there that piques your interest? I'm all over Sparkling Garbage and Black Pixel, because that's what I need in my life. MOAR GLITTER!

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