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Ooh La La or Eww La La? CND Shellac French manicure

Wednesday, July 17, 2013   |   4 comments

Usually I'd rather eat a beret than wear a French manicure, but since I need to practise practise practise my new nail skillz I DIYed this Shellac French on myself a few weeks back.

Though the length is longer than normal, these are all my own nails! They had grown out very nicely under their previous Shellac mani, which I'd kept on for 3 weeks.

I confess that they weren't this rather sexy finger-elongating almond-ish shape to begin with - I'd actually filed my nails into their usual squoval before applying the Shellac, and only thought after the final cure that they would have looked much better if the nail shape was less blocky. So I took a chance and filed them again, conscious that breaking the seal at the free edge could lead to issues with lifting or chipping, but they stayed put with no problems.

These photos were taken at around the 10 or 11 day mark, I think, when the regrowth at the base and the reemergence of the natural nail's smile line under the white tip were beginning to get to me.

Still, as Frenches go, I think this one was pretty nice. And since it was only my second ever Shellac French, I'm trying to to beat myself up too much over its fairly minor imperfections.

Any closet French mani fans out there?

Colours used:
Cream Puff and Romantique (x2), topped with a layer of Beau

Shellac is a professional only product and should be applied by your nail professional; I get to play with it because I'm a tech-in-training.

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  • At 5:58 pm, July 28, 2013, Blogger Breige said…

    I don't usually like FM but this is nice, purely because the nail shape is lovely. If it was more blocky I don't think I'd like it

  • At 5:11 pm, July 29, 2013, Blogger Sabrina said…

    Wow you took to this shellac business like a duck to water, looks perfect. I actually really like FM, I know it's a bit boring for some, but if done right it's so elegant. x

  • At 11:47 pm, April 30, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    how to you get your white tip line so perfect? It is beautifully done!! Congratulations.

  • At 1:10 am, July 24, 2017, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have Romantique and/or Beau layered on TOP of the tips for a more soft and natural look. This French manicure, though, it quite lovely and is enhanced by the shape.


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