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Recent beauty empties

Monday, July 22, 2013   |   2 comments

I derive an enormous sense of satisfaction from getting to the bottom of a beauty product, probably because I feel that using one up completely means I can purchase a replacement for it with impunity! Since I love reading these posts on other blogs, I thought I'd show you six that I've just finished.

ONE // Eve Lom Rescue Mask
This is a 2-in-1 clay mask and exfoliant from the people behind my favourite cleanser, the idea being that you whack it on, leave to dry and draw out impurities, then use fingertips to slough it off. I sometimes find that final exfoliation a touch too rough, so depending on how my skin is feeling on any given day I'll sometimes just use a warm damp muslin cloth to soften the mask and wipe it off, rather than rubbing it away.

I'm a bit on the fence with this one: it's a great clay mask for my skin's peculiarities, but I really prefer to use a separate exfoliant so it's a bit too spendy for the way I like to use it. I'll be revisiting the other clay masks in my stash before considering a repurchase of this one, I think.

TWO // Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mask
My go-to mask for a hydration injection, Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mask is simply indispensable when my skin is feeling parched. It's been particularly lovely to lash on in the last week or two when it's been feeling (and looking) a bit frazzled with the heat and sun. And, in addition to providing a long drink of moisture to thirsty skin, it soothes and calms skin suffering the after effects of an extended squeezing sesh.

I know, I know, I'm disgusting. But hey: thanks to this little beaut, no-one else who sees me need ever know!

THREE // Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzyme Peeling Mask
Any Caudalie product I've tried to date has left me cold and this was no exception. The bottom line is that they don't do anything for me, and while I couldn't notice any discernible difference or improvement in the look of any skin concerns with this I still used it all up.

But only because I'd run out of literally all my other exfoliants at the same time, so this was the very last resort.

Beyond meh.

FOUR // Kate Somerville ExfoliKate
Confession: I spent a couple of months using this product from celeb fave Kate Somerville, whose clients include Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, and Kate Hudson, completely arseways, with the result that I thought it was completely useless. Then, about six weeks ago, I decided to follow the instructions (applying to damp skin and gently washing off after 20-30 seconds, rather than massaging in with wet hands as I had been doing) and realised it was bloody good, actually. Finally all the rave reviews made sense!

This is the only enzymatic exfoliant I've ever used that has actually made a difference to my skin, refining the look of pores and fine lines, smoothing any roughness in texture, putting paid to congestion, and shifting any dead flaky skin. If I was Stateside and looking to buy it again, I'd probably opt for the new, gentler formulation, which sounds just as thorough as the original.

FIVE // Vichy Normaderm Micro Dermabrasion
This was from my last stockpiled box of Vichy's amazing Normaderm Clearer Skin Renovating System, and I'd repurchase in a heartbeat if the kit hadn't inexplicably been discontinued in 2010. I'm getting a bit twitchy with the realisation that I now have NO MOAR LEFT since it was the best treatment I've ever found for putting manners on my sensitive, congested, blemish-prone, combo-oily skin.

SIX // Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner
This was a little throw-in sample I got with a purchase of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (reviewed here for I got three uses from this sachet and liked it so much I might spring for a full-size bottle. It left my parched ombré ends swingy and shinier than they've looked in a long time without weighing my hair down in the least.



  • At 5:22 pm, July 29, 2013, Blogger Sabrina said…

    I'm dying to try the Vichy Thermal Mask, but I have 2 other masks on the go, so feel too guilty to buy another till at least one is finished. Problem is they are never feckin ending. I just bought Vichy lifactiv 10 serum, it's the shizza.

  • At 5:48 pm, August 05, 2013, Blogger Lynda Moorhead said…

    I know Sabrina, it feels impossible to get to the bottom of a mask. I can't even remember how long I have this one!


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