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A mini kitchen makeover

Thursday, September 19, 2013   |   3 comments

It just occurred to me that I never showed you a before and after of the kitchen presses I pimped in our old flat! Which is London for "apartment."

In the last place we rented, we had a huge open plan hallway/living room/dining room/kitchen thing going on. This was obviously excellent in some ways and I could potter about most of the flat while continuing to watch the telly in the living room, but on the flipside it meant that any untidyness in the kitchen was permanently on display.

And thanks to the glass fronts on some of our kitchen cabinets, even when the kitchen was actually clean it still looked messy.

Who knew that stacked crockery and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes boxes could be such eyesores?

I lived with the glass for about six months and then ordered some window film to obscure it for a temporary, landlord-friendly fix.

Aaaahhhh. Much better. Also: pink kitchen!

Although it took a few hours to get it all on perfectly because I'm a loon and wanted to get it just right, as DIY jobs go this one was super easy.

Since the front of the glass was dimpled, I applied the film to the flat back which had the unexpected but completely excellent effect of making it look like we had opaque pink glass presses. And when we moved out at the beginning of this year, the film just peeled right off without causing any damage or leaving any residue behind.

This quick kitchen makeover was one of the best improvements I made in that flat. No word of a lie: the happy pink presses made me smile every time I looked at them.

Not too shabby for twenty quid and a few hours' effort, really.

Products used
Fluorescent pink cling vinyl from Purlfrost
Mini spray bottle of soapy water
Credit card as squeegee
Kitchen towel to absorb excess soapy water
Razor blade to trim edges

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