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Nailing it at Sundown Festival 2013

Monday, September 02, 2013   |   2 comments

I arrived home in the wee hours of this morning having spent the weekend at a music festival.

Now, you might think there's nothing particularly unusual about me being at a festival the last weekend of August/first weekend of September, but this wasn't Electric Picnic and I wasn't there as a reveller: it was Sundown Festival in Norwich (ahaaa!) and I was there to WERK.

Together with Rachel from Effy Nails and Manami from Kitsune Nails, I packed up my kit and headed to the Norfolk Showground for two days of non-stop nail art and churros.

Here are just a couple of quick snaps of my lovely customers' nails from the weekend.

It wasn't just the ladies that wanted to get their nails did with us; we had quite a few blokes in, too. I painted an elephant on one guy's nail that apparently went down a storm all over the festival - his mates came back to us later Saturday evening and again on Sunday demanding something that would trump the elephant because it was getting so much attention - and painted anothers Barbie pink with a glitter fade at the tips.

I didn't manage to get photos of those but not to worry. I'm confident they'll turn up on social media somewhere!

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