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New season beauty: Limited edition loveliness with Sleek Vintage Romance

Tuesday, September 17, 2013   |   2 comments

It's hard to come to terms with the end of summer, especially when the summer's actually been a good one and the change in the weather is as brutal as we've seen in the last ten days. I know the sun was melting bits off cars in London (yes, that was a real thing that really happened) but I'd take a misshapen car door handle over this RIDICULOUS rain any day of the week.

Particularly since I don't currently have a car.

The only way to get through The Change is to think cosy thoughts, and if that doesn't work, well, maybe buy some new make-up.

This is the limited edition Romance collection from Sleek, and since it's the first autumnal drop that's managed to distract me from thoughts of bronzer and sea salt spray I thought we'd take a gander at it.

The new iDivine eyeshadow offering in the line-up is Vintage Romance, with a handful of neutrals punctuating what is otherwise a very plummy-heavy palette.

Excellent news for the hazel- and green-eyed among us!

The majority of the shades are metallic or shimmer finishes, which Sleek do really well, and I expect that they'll be as brilliantly pigmented as all other Sleek shadows. You'll get change from a tenner regardless of whether you're shopping in Euro or Sterling, with the Vintage Romance palette clocking in at €9.99/£7.99.

Now, I'm not so sure about this. Sleek are deservedly famed for their blushes - Rose Gold is a well-documented dupe for NARS Orgasm - but this new Antique blush looks like something you might wear if you wanted to achieve a consumptive Victorian complexion.

I can't really decide whether it truly has a blue undertone or is just a cool-toned brick shade. *Squints.* There's more coolness in the form of silver shimmer particles, which promise to impart an effortless, romantic glow.

Maybe they offset the dead cheeks effect too?

Seriously, though, I think Antique does have a certain dusky, vintage appeal and the potential to look stunning on the right skintone. €5.49/£4.49 is the damage here.

Do either of those take your fancy? Got any tips for coping with the early onset of autumn? Let me know in a comment x

The Vintage Romance collection is on sale now from usual Sleek stockists, and is available online from Cloud 10 Beauty.



  • At 8:19 am, September 19, 2013, Blogger MissGreenEyes said…

    I love the look of the palette but I always swear I'll be more experimental with eyeshadows and end up only using brown/cream anyway! I loved Rose Gold, this one...not so much.

  • At 4:02 pm, September 19, 2013, Blogger Lynda Moorhead said…

    It's really hard to break out of your comfort zone, isn't it? I find YouTube videos are great for convincing me to try new colours and looks I wouldn't usually go for. Not to mention reassuring me that I really do need all those eyeshadows that I'm hoarding/coveting ;)


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