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Somethings for the weekend

Friday, September 06, 2013   |   0 comments

Just some little things I like that I thought you might like too. Happy Friday!

ONE // Our coasters have served us well, but they're looking more than a little battleworn after 7 years of service and these UK designed and made laser cut felt numbers by Donna Wilson (£14) are the front runners to replace them. I love that they look like doilies.

TWO // This actual gold and actual diamond bunny ring from Katie Hillier (£395) would represent a significant step up from my usual high street costume jewellery, but still. SO. CUTE. *Adds to Lotto list*

THREE // These brass sea urchins from US store Furbish are giving me The Wants and would look great mounted on the wall in our hallway. But since they're no longer available (and, er, I wouldn't spend a hundred quid plus shipping on them anyway) I'm brainstorming ways to DIY something similar.

Somebody pass me a paperclip, an elastic band, and a dodgy-looking bomber jacket STAT so I can get my MacGyver on!

FOUR // Last autumn I spent a small fortune on a faux leather sleeveless dress from Oasis, which was completely stupid because (a) I couldn't really afford it, (b) it didn't fit me properly, and (c) I had to spend all winter trying to find layers that would work under or over it so that I wouldn't freeze.

While I'm still a big fan of the leather look, this season I'll be sticking with more versatile separates on my bottom half that should be easier to integrate into my existing wardrobe. I've seen Penneys' / Primark's PU skirt (£8) in person and it looks plain awesome rather than plastic-y (which is probably why there were none left in my size the day I spotted it.)

FIVE // You might not know this about me, but I love stationary. I also love highlighters and products that look kind of like animals, so needless to say these adorable Paperchase bear highlighters (only £3!) are right up my street.

What's on your lust list at the moment?

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