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The dynamic duo: How I keep my cuticles in check

Thursday, August 27, 2015   |   0 comments

Someone with a fortnightly Shellac habit which includes exhaustive cuticle work should have a pretty good shot at decent looking cuticles, right? Alas, dear reader, not even a bimonthly going over by the most pernickety professional I know (i.e. me) is enough to keep my ragged nail beds in check.

My cuticles grow like weeds, which is ironic given that I have a black thumb and plants do not do well in my care (see: the bamboo and the bay tree that are currently faltering valiantly at the front door, or the cute Flaming Katy that I bought for my desk in work and only started to flourish once it was forcibly removed from my custody.)


There are a pair of profesh-grade products that I keep on hand (sorry, sorry) to help improve the look of my cuticles between my DIY appointments. I'm far too hard on my hands and nails to ever have truly immaculate cuticles, but when I use this dynamic duo regularly they look presentable, as opposed to a cause for toe-curling embarrassment when someone asks to take a closer look at the nail art or polish I’m wearing on any given day.

1 // CND Cuticle Eraser, £10.95 

This conditioning micro-exfoliating cream is a blend of naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids together with moisturisers, so it prevents cuticle build up while keeping the skin hydrated and improving elasticity to prevent painful hangnails. 

A weeny dot massaged into each nail bed is all that’s needed, and I try (try!) to use mine on the daily for best results.

2 // CND Solar Oil, £11.95 
I have to admit that I've been struggling to use this every day lately, mostly because I keep misplacing it, but it still delivers results even when I only manage to daub it on haphazardly a couple of times a week. 

It is, quite honestly, the only cuticle oil you'll ever need.  

In addition to keeping crappy-looking cuticles at bay, this award-winning, easily absorbed blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E will also help prevent nails from flaking, peeling and splitting. 

Pro tip: For optimum results, use both products together. Massage in Cuticle Eraser (think of it as a cleansing shampoo for cuticles) before applying Solar Oil (think of it as conditioner) to create a super hydrating moisture pack for dramatically improved skin and nails. 

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