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Speaking of the VAIO TX-Series...

Friday, January 26, 2007   |   0 comments

I thought you might like a gawk at the laptop that was getting me all bothered and hot in the last post. This. Is. It. The Sony VAIO VGN-TX [oooooooh yeeeeaaaaah]. Now, it's the most obscenely expensive mass-produced laptop I have ever had the pleasure of ogling. I have been tormenting myself every time I pass the Sony Centre shop in Liffey Valley, calling in to say "Oh hell-o baby, did you miss me?" and have a little play.

Not only is it vay light [only 1.25kg with suppled battery and drive, ultra-portable. Sure my everyday make-up bag weighs more than that!] and super-slinky, it was the laptop of choice for 007 in the new Casino Royale. You say "shameless product placement", I say "y'know, I think I need one."

On the other hand, one of these lithe machines costs almost as The Punto Sporting did: the price tag's a whopping great €2,399.98. So dear. But so purty! But so dear. But so purty!

Stupid common sense and a January-induced financial crisis, ruining my life they are...

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