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Happy W890i Day, people!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008   |   0 comments

Ah yes, the day of days has finally dawned. A lovely little e-mail awaited me when I signed into my account this morning informing me that the Sony Ericcson W890i [above right] is finally available for me to get my paws on.

This is the long-awaited successor to their ultra-slender W880i Walkman phone [above left], which had teeny tiny keys and - eek! - no radio. It's a gorgeous mobile, and I'd have dashed out and bought it as soon as it was released if it'd had an FM radio but I decided to hold out for a really slinky, extremely good-lookin' handset with all the features I'm after - phone [duh], radio [as aforementioned], fairly decent camera for taking completely random pictures, and MP3 player with the capacity to hold more than 5 songs.

Only... the W890i is just not quite as pretty as it's forerunner, is it? Hmmm. Guess I'll just have to make my way to my nearest stockist with the quickness for a Real Life comparison of the two!

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