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Sunday, February 08, 2009   |   2 comments

Well this has been a weekend of contrasts on a few fronts! There was the weather: crisply cold but dry and gorgeously sunny on Saturday, pelting with snow on Sunday. But that's ok with me, I *love* snow. It's such a treat to get properly pretty OMG-it-is-sticking! snow in Ireland. Sort of in line with that was what I did with myself for the two days: on Saturday, I dolled myself up in a Chupi frock and some Irregular Choice heels and headed towards The Clarence Hotel in Dubbalin town for the 7th Fashion Blogger's Breakfast Brunch. There was talk of Fashion Weeks in London and Paris and discussion about Dior Homme and what would become of daycent indiginous Irish designers in the recession, between sips of tay and coffee and OJ and pink champagne and nibbling at nibblies and squeaking with delight at the contents of the Clarins goodie bags and proposals for theming these fashionable get togethers (Fashion Filosofy's Arsheen, who was channeling her inner Gossip Girl, was seriously on fiya on that front.) I finally met the lovely Tcup of Red Lemonade In Real Life, having chatted with her lots on the daily Blather. When The Clarence finally ejected us, a band of the hard core daytime party animals headed for the café in the IFC for, er, tea and minerdals.

Today, I nipped to the Centra around the corner with Himself and The Dog, and on the way back slipped in the two inches or so of snow while running at full tilt towards Himself with a snowball poised for launch. Mor-to. I then spent a good portion of the afternoon with a credit card in one hand - I know, sounds good so far - and a steam iron in the other, trying to convince the pile of the carpet in the landing to unflatten itself.

Oh, the glamour!!!



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