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Friday, January 23, 2009   |   0 comments

Yep, I've had another play around with the Comments field. Now, you may remember I had hours of fun changing it and then changing it again in the not too distant past, but there was an incident last night which has led me to change the stupid thing again. Himself insisted that he had left a slightly premature (the Moroccan-stylee understairs door is still waiting to be filled & painted) self-congratulatory comment on this post, but I didn't get the usual e-mail that pops in to let me know a comment's been left on the blog and I need to moderate it. So, obviously enough, I didn't believe that he'd left me a comment at all... and then I logged into the control panel for the blog.

Suffice to say, oopsie.

Now we're back to business as usual with Word Verification, peeps, so you'll see that you need to re-type a random string of letters or numbers thrown up by Blogger before your comment will be published. This is only to make sure you aren't some mad spammer-type trying to spam the ickle pink blog with your spam (I was inundated with rubbish when I switched it off inititally) and means that if I haven't access to the Interweb for a few days or my 3 mobile broadband goes off the radar for entire weekends with no notice for "maintenance", you can comment away to your heart's content.

Lovely biscuits!

New to this whole blogs/commenting malarky? Clicky here for a wee "How To" guide!



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